Our Story

How it all started...

When addressing the Kau To‘a Rugby League Team in the Kingdom of Tonga, His Majesty King Tupou VI stated:

“We can do much more if we are united as this rugby league team has already shown us and the world in the recent past. 

Imagine what we can achieve if all our resources were pulling or pushing in the same direction, instead of against each other, the possibilities are endless, only limited by our imaginations.”

(Quote: His Majesty King Tupou VI, The Villa Royal Residence, 14 November 2019).

What a challenge set by His Majesty the King! Imagine what we can achieve if we work together pulling in the same direction.

Pasifika TV and Radio is a project birthed by the Brisbane Tongan Community (Inc.) in 2019 to create a digital platform to ensure our Pacific stories are told from a Pacific perspective in our Pacific languages.

We can find plenty of negative or inaccurate Pacific stories in the mainstream media, but we have a unique ability to share our culture, music, news, interviews and stories in our unique Pacific way.

In the midst of a global pandemic with endless lockdowns and restrictions across the globe we launched on 27 June 2020.

We were blessed with a virtual opening address by the esteemed High Commissioner of the Kingdom of Tonga to Australia from Canberra - Her Royal Highness Princess Angelika Lātūfuipeka Tuku'aho.  

President of the Brisbane Tongan Community Inc. Rev Sione Maile Molitika conducted a blessing and concluding remarks by Deputy President Rev Suli Helu.

From strength to strength God brought people across Australia from multiple Pasifika communities to produce weekly programs in Tongan, Niuean, Samoan, Tokelauan and English.

In 2021 we signed an agreement to collaborate on stories with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

We are proud to be affiliated with a sister station in the Kingdom of Tonga, Broadcom Broadcasting 87.5FM in Nuku‘alofa. Broadcom's content can be heard through our app and website.

It's an exciting time growing our team of broadcasters and adding new and exciting programs to our online platforms, whilst enabling our business partners to gain global exposure.

We  are always striving to create something new, innovative and authentic. Challenging the status quo to see our people represented with the highest standards professionally and with integrity, maintaining the four golden pillars that underpin Tongan society.

Pasifika TV and Radio is an audio-visual experience that moves away from traditional television, AM and FM signals, in exchange for You Tube, Face Book, Website and Mobile Phone App platforms.

We ensure our programming is accessible and relevant to the global Tongan diaspora, uniting our people from the four corners of our global village.

We are proud to broadcast from our humble fale located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Expanding the vision...

All locally produced programming is driven by our skilled Brisbane-based team and provide a platform for the growing Tongan diaspora with locally produced programming that is reflective of the diverse talents, needs and interests of our broadcasters and audience.

We strive to offer an unlimited selection of Tongan music as well as culture, entertainment, health, education, news, business and community affairs programs, linking with our sister station in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Despite migration seeing the duplication of our Tongan population abroad, we view our Tongan diaspora as one united global community who are unified through the Four Golden Pillars of Tongan society (Kavei koula ‘e fā) and a living connection to the Kingdom of Tonga through love for God, King, Family and Country.

Where we are headed...

To provide a locally produced 24-hour Tongan online audio-visual experience for the Tongan diaspora abroad with a focus on showcasing a diversity of musical genres, news and information as well as being a hub for the communication needs of the Brisbane and broader Tongan Community.

The information flow and representations of all corners of our Tongan society create an opportunity for both government and non-government organisations and businesses to be involved, thus further supporting integration and social cohesion in Australian society. We aim to support the community to be connected, empowered and build succeed.

We have a 5 year plan to see this venture grow and be a blessing for our people worldwide, yet starting from humble beginnings with a big vision.

We are encouraged by the Word of God in Habakkuk 2:3 “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.”

Be a part of our story...

Join us online and hear our newest programs LIVE from Brisbane, Australia.

Meet the team.

Sulieni Layt

Founder & Executive Director
Sulieni is married with three children and is dual Australian and Tongan citizen. He has a background in broadcasting, specialising in journalism, television and radio broadcasting, marketing and hospitality as well as the government, private and community sectors. Sulieni speaks multiple languages, including English, Tongan and Samoan. Sulieni was a founding member of the Brisbane Tongan Community (Inc.) and has worked in multiple countries using his skillset.

Mele Ngauamo

Treasurer and Finance
Mele is a mother, wife and grandmother. Mele's background is in community engagement and finance, having served in the banking sector in the Kingdom of Tonga and as treasurer of several community entities as well as decades for her local church. Mele is fluent in English and Tongan. Mele was a founding member of the Brisbane Tongan Community (Inc.).

Simi Mataitonga

Co-Founder & Executive Director
Simi is married with three children and has a background as a IT professional, all aspects of film & television, musical production, sound and lighting as well as being a successful artist and song writer. Simi has also run his own successful production business for over a decade. Simi is fluent in English and Tongan and has worked in multiple countries using his skillset. 

Mele Mataitonga

Business & Marketing
Mele is married with three children and has a background in business administration and marketing. Mele is responsible for the advertising department as well as assisting in sourcing grant opportunities to achieve the vision. Mele is fluent in English and Tongan and has work experience in multiple countries.

Leilehua Fā'onevai

Secretary and Legal Advisor
Lehua is a lawyer, married with two children, Matelita and Fatulisi, having gained his wings early at 7weeks+3days. Lehua's experience includes the government, community and private sectors. Lehua specialises in native title law, migration law and is instrumental in the development of the trade and export market. Lehua is fluent in English and Tongan and is a founding member of the Brisbane Tongan Community (Inc.).

Fofogalevai Motu Unoi

Production & Sound
Motu is a proud father and qualified tradesman. His technical background includes light and sound, camera work as well as the technical side of event management. Motu successfully ran his own event business and brings vital trade skills to the team. Motu is fluent in English and Samoan and has worked in multiple countries using his skillset.

Toakase Layt

Design & Staging
Toakase is married with three children and has a background in the health and hospitality industries. Toa has a heart for creative design and assists with the props and staging of film sets as well as constructive input into production development. Toa is fluent in English and Tongan and has work experience in multiple countries. Toa was a founding member of the Brisbane Tongan Community (Inc.).

Lavinia Molitika

Administration and Finance
Lavinia is a member of the Brisbane Tongan Community youth and provides backroom support to the team. Lavinia assists with finance and administration tasks, researching program content, contacting external stakeholders and liaising with viewers and sponsors globally.